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    Ümbra - Grounded (WIP)

    Get this in your eyes. James and I have been working on it today.
    Still a work in a progress though so yis.

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  3. prostheticknowledge:

    Flow Cam

    Browser-based webcam toy by artist Andrew Benson is a WebGL realtime visual distorter with a smooth yet digital grainy effect - the GIFs above do not do it justice.

    Try it out for yourself here

    This is really cool

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  4. How good is food tho :~~~~)

    How good is food tho :~~~~)

    Camera: Canon EOS 550D
    Aperture: f/1.8
    Exposure: 1/40th
    Focal Length: 76mm

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  5. ~ not mine ~
Trent Reznor, I believe.

    ~ not mine ~

    Trent Reznor, I believe.

    (Source: businesscasual95, via saturninedrums94)

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  6. I’ve been shooting video of cocktail preparation for a friend.
So delicious.

    I’ve been shooting video of cocktail preparation for a friend.

    So delicious.

    Camera: Canon EOS 550D
    Aperture: f/2.2
    Exposure: 1/100th
    Focal Length: 76mm

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  7. Decisions, decisions…

    Decisions, decisions…

    Camera: Sony Ericsson ST27i
    Aperture: f/2.6
    Exposure: 1/7th
    Focal Length: 3mm

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  8. Jacob Clarke - Oaksome Gust

    Vocals by Amela and guitarrón by Matt.
    Cello parts, percussion arrangement and general production by me.

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  9. 14th of March, 2014

    Tonight I’m feeling good and I find myself incapable of sleep as a result of my conscience buzzing about recent happenings and the future — in an anticipatory way, rather than an anxious way for once. 

    Pip and I have been spending lots of time together and I’ve been feeling closer to her than ever before. We’ve come to the conclusion that we thing we’re both sliiiiightly autistic. Not that it means anything but it’s now become a constant source of entertainment to point out when each other is displaying an obvious trait. We always had similarities but I feel that recognising them in this new context brings us closer in a strange kind of way.  I feel awkward writing about it though, as I feel like there’s a general public sense of delicateness surrounding the subject… But I shouldn’t feel that way because everyone is somewhere on the autism spectrum. In all honesty I feel more in touch with the world than most, but in a way that I feel is often perceived as ‘detached’, ironically enough.

    But on a more general note, things have started happening again. I’m studying my masters of fine arts this year in music industry professions, which basically means that I’ll be using my work with Ümbra as a project and will start focusing more on the marketing and management side of things. Which may seem boring to an outsider but I think it’s pretty cool because it means I get to use a state of the art recording studio every weekend doing stuff I love and regularly meeting relevant industry people. It sounds like a lame blurb, but it’s actually a thing. ~QUT may be earning its tagline~

    While I am happy to be working on a big project again it kind of makes me worried for when those educational structures aren’t there anymore and I have to be self-motivated to do things. It helps when I have to work with other people because we naturally feel like we shouldn’t be wasting each others time but if all the people involved get past that then it can be doubly tricky to find group motivation. I’ll always be motivated to do things in order to stay relevant, but there are degrees of motivation and my ultimate fear is that I won’t make the most of what I’ve got.

    Tonight Pip and I went to a gig at the Zoo. One of my housemates was playing with his band, Malo Zima. His girlfriend is the lead singer (and is subsequently a member of my folk-band-on-the-side, The Forty Thieves). They were supporting a band that largely comprised of people from the grade below me in high school. In short, it made Brisbane feel really, really small because while the venue filled up, I knew (or had met at least once) nearly everyone there.

    It was a surreal experience in a way. As though everyone was in a vacuum together, bridging the past 3 years since high school. Not to mention countless other mutual friends. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have all the people you have as friends on Facebook in the same room? Well it was like that for me. And with everyone all liqueured up by the time we arrived it made for a genuinely great time.

    I had a very different high school experience to most. I went to Queensland academy for creative industries, which was basically an arts school on steroids. We still had to do standard high school subjects but the arts subjects were more or less on par with graduate university standards. It’s a seven-storey building and during my time there it was still well below capacity as I was only the third wave of students to get in. The smaller population naturally created a very tight-knit community. There were still cliques but they were less exaggerated and were based loosely around predominant art forms.

    I have many fond memories and stories pertaining to my time at QACI, too many for this already overflowing diary entry. I’ll try to remember to write about some next time. The people that I still see regularly from high school are not the people that I predicted I’d be seeing three years from now, three years ago. (That sentence could be written better but I’m tired). I don’t mean to say that in a prejudiced manner, I merely find it surprising, as I’m sure many other people do also. For better or worse.

    I’m genuinely excited for things coming up, that I hope will, in turn, be worth writing about in the future. For one, my folk band got approved to play at Palm Creek festival, which isn’t a huuuge deal but it will be our first time playing at an actual music festival. It’ll involve a bit of a road trip as well which is always exciting. Most of the other stuff that I’m excited about also falls under the category of things that I don’t want to write about yet; as to not give myself the satisfaction of talking about unfinished things.

    This has been a long post and I should wrap it up now as I’m supposed to be getting up early to sort through and colour-correct photos I took today for Pip’s fashion blog. ~plug~ 

    I hope everyone is doing okay out there and as always, thanks for reading.

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  10. sonlux:

Had to break my no-selfie rule with this one. @lordemusic @yoniwolf

Definitely a good way to break the no-selfie rule Mr Lux



    Had to break my no-selfie rule with this one. @lordemusic @yoniwolf

    Definitely a good way to break the no-selfie rule Mr Lux


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  12. Jaguar 12/03/14

    Wow unrelease track alert alert wow wow alert alert

    I have been taming this beast over the past 24 hours… it’s getting there.

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  13. My modded Skyrim looks startlingly realistic sometimes.

    My modded Skyrim looks startlingly realistic sometimes.

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  14. James took some video of me messing around with live audio cutting/warping.

    It’s a pretty nice sound, glockenspiel is especially nice for this kind of effect because of its slow note decay and harsh transients.

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  15. I rigged a light strip I had lying around to respond to audio. Red is bass, blue is mids, and green is highs. Kind of cool for additional music listening vibes but it’ll probably be most useful for extra eye candy at future shows.

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